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  Because I Care!
Care Pet Services

I have been providing cat sitting services in Toronto since 2009. Since graduating from the Veterinary Technician program at Seneca in 2012, I am also able to provide other more specilaized services, including cat grooming, and administrating medication in the client's home. My associates all have relevant education, training, and experience. We specialize in taking care of special needs cats and handling uncooperative cats. Your cat's condition must have been diagnosed by a veterinarian and all medications must have been prescribed by a veterinarian.

We strive to enhance the human-pet bond by demonstrating medicating techniques that work specifically for your cat and how to effectively monitor your cat's condition so you can take care of your cat with confidence. When you are away, we can take care of your pets so you can have the peace of mind that they are getting the best care possible. We set affordable rates as we believe quality care should be accessible to everyone.

Hanit Betsalel, Owner, Veterinary Technician

  • 16 year experience in taking care of a wide variety of animals in a pet store, Toronto Zoo, veterinary clinics, shelters, clients' homes, and in my own home as a foster parent and pet guardian
  • Graduated from University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science, Honors (2010)
  • Graduated from the Veterinary Technology Diploma program at Seneca College (2012)
  • Continuously enhancing my knowledge and staying updated about the latest developments in the veterinary field by completing continuing education courses, and attending seminars and conferences
  • Trained and experienced with medicating aggressive, fearful, or otherwise uncooperative cats
  • Enjoy teaching clients how to administer medications to their cats and monitor their cats' symptoms
  • Loving guardian of 3 cats, from left to right in the picture above: Mishmish, Tom, and Suki. My dog Buffi passed away in 2012 at almost 19 years old.

Listen to my interview on Radio 740 AM. You can listen to the interview podcast here

  Benefits of Care Pet Services
  • All associates have relevant education, training and experience in the animal care field
  • As the owner, I meet with each client and visit all the cats so I get to know the cats personally, the best way to handle them, and their specific conditions
  • I am the primary care giver of all the cats and my associates help me accommodate clients during very busy times and they are my back up if I cannot make it to a visit for some reason
  • My associates handle healthy cats, diabetic cats and cats that need pills or loquid oral medications. My associates do not administer subcutaneous fluids, trim nails or shave cats (only I do these things)
  • Cats are categorized according to level of risk to the cat (medical condition) or to the associates (cat aggression) and then the associates are assigned cats according to their skills (not their location)
  • I train the associates according to Care Pet Services standards and they are also trained specifically on each cat's mediacl condition, medication, and behaviour
  • We take the time to get to know your cat and use the time of the visit to its fullest
  • Cats are handled with care, using proper technique with confidence and in a professional manner
  • You do not need to worry about finding a back up for your cat sitter!
  • Care Pet Services is bonded and insured