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Many pets, especially cats, do not respond well to changes in their environment. Many cats become stressed and lonely while boarding at a veterinary clinic or a kennel. Since I worked with pets in so many different places, I know that the one place they are most comfortable and happy in is their own home.

By having a qualified cat sitter visit your cats at home, they will enjoy the comfort and familiarity of their home, our undivided attention, and keep their routine. I have seen cases where cats were not groomed by the catsitter so by the time their guardians returned home, their nails were overgrown and their fur was badly matted. We always check and take care of the cat's nails and fur so they stay clean and comfortable.

We will also make every effort to get to know your pet and connect with him or her. If your pet is skittish, shy, or fearful, we will work with them to find something they like to do and spend time with them. If the cat is aggressive, we use proper technique and caution when handling them. If the cat needs medication, we never end a visit before the cat got their prescribed medication. If they hide, we will patiently work with them to encourage them to come out and use the visit time to its fullest.

We specialize in special needs cats, including senior cats (arthritis, heart conditions, constipation, loss of senses), diabetic cats (insulin injections, blood glucose testing), cats in kidney failure (pilling, subcutaneous fluids), cats with neurological conditions, cats with special dietary requirements, and other conditions. We monitor their appetite, litter box use, and behaviour (temperament, activity level) and other relevant parameters closely and record them daily. This way we can effectively identify normal patterns and if anything unusual happens. As the owner of Care Pet Services, I use my experience, education and judgement to determine if your cat requires any extra care or medical attention by a veterinarian.

My clients also know they can always contact me if they have any concerns about their cats or if they need a visit in short notice. I always ask my clients to email me at their convenience upon their return so I know they are back safely and the cats are OK.