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Our services are provided to cat owners, who need cat sitting services while they are away. As part of our cat sitting services, we assist pet owners in administering medications to cats, or administer such medications ourselves as the pet owner’s agents when the owners are either away or unable to do so themselves. We do not diagnose conditions, prescribe or dispense medications. All medications must be prescribed by a veterinarian and the condition of the cat must be monitored by a veterinarian. We can assist pet owners with monitoring the cat's symptoms but the veterinarian will interpret the results and instruct you how to proceed. We can help you with understanding your cat's condition, your vet's instructions, and how to handle it at home on your own or with our assistance. Care Pet Services is not associated with any veterinarian or veterinary clinic. Our insurance is specifiacally tailored for catsitting businesses and covers your home, your pet, and the care giver for any damages or injuries during the visits and while, or as a result of, providing any of our services.

Please visit the Medication Administartion page for details about each procedure we can help you with.


Refunds and Credits: You need to give me at least 12 hours notice before a visit you want to cancel in order to get a refund or credit for it. You can inform me of a cancellation via phone, text or email, but you need to get a confirmation from me that I got your cancellation notice. If 2 or more visits are cancelled, they will be credited or refunded minus one visit.

Payment: For cat sitting services you can pay with cash, cheque or e-Transfer, in full, before or by the first visit. Cash should be left in full to be picked up on the first visit. Cheques should be made for Hanit Betsalel and dated for the date of the first visit. If you forget to leave payment, it's fine, I will contact you for an eTransfer. If there is ever a problem with the payment, your cat will still be cared for, but in the future I will not confirm bookings until I can confirm payment. For grooming appointments you can pay with cash or e-Transfer plus $10.

Daily Notes and Emails: Some clients think that receiving an email or text message while they are away will make them feel better that their cat is OK. However, often it makes them even more worried because instead of enjoying their vacation they sit and wait to hear from us and get anxious with every hour that goes by without an update. Sometimes I only send emails in the evenings, not right after the visit. Therefore I encourage my clients to trust us and focus on their business trip or enjoy their vacation. After all, our job is to give our clients a peace of mind. When requested, I do my best to send an email after the first visit, every other day and after the last visit. If there is a concern, I contact the client immediately.

Emergency at the Home: We do our best to keep your home secure but if anything happens to your home while you are gone, such as a break and enter or a flood, I will contact you. We also ask for an emergency contact for you, who is a person that can handle such situations for you, usually a relative or a landlord.

Emergency with Your Cat: If your cat is showing symptoms of illness, I will contact you to discuss the situation. Your veterinarian should be informed that you are out of town and have a payment arrangement in place. It may be something that can wait until you come back, especially if you are back soon, but if I determine that the cat's condition is urgent, s/he will be taken to the vet clinic, either your regular clinic or the VEC, and will receive emergency treatment until you can communicate with the vet yourself or your emergency contact will handle it for you.

Emergency with the Care Giver: I am the primary care giver of all the cats cared for by Care Pet Services. However, if I have a personal emergency or an emergency with another cat, so that I cannot make it to one or more scheduled visits, then one of my associates will visit your cat and make sure everything goes according to their routine and schedule. I always have a back up person so your cat is always well cared for by a qualified person.

Security Systems: If you want to have a camera, that's fine with us, but we need to know about it. If we find out there is a camera we were not told about, the visits will be shorter and we may not provide any more services to you in the future. We are on the same team!