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Your cat can be happier and more comfortable if s/he gets groomed regularly. By shaving off your cat’s dense coat, s/he will suffer less of the heat, not get matted, keep a cleaner bum, and shed a lot less hair. While cats in the wild need their coats for protection and insulation from the elements, domestic cats have been bred in such way that many of them have such dense thick coats, they can hardly keep up with their own grooming and it can be very difficult for the guardians to keep up with it as well.

Many older cats, overweight cats or long haired cats have trouble keeping up with their own grooming or they cannot reach certain areas. Their lower backs and bums are common problem areas. If not groomed regularly, mats can form and painfully pull on the skin and trap dirt within them, which may lead to skin irritations. Such cats can really benefit from periodical bum shaves.

Since we come to your house for the grooming appointment, you save yourself and your cat the stress of getting him or her into the carrier and going to the veterinary clinic or groomer, where there are strange smells and sounds from people, dogs and other cats. Your cat will be the least stressed and most comfortable at home, which is his or her most familiar environment. There are 2 of us at every appointment, one person does the primary restraint and the other person shaves the cat. You can help by calming or distracting your cat by talking to them or petting them. It is very important we all stay calm, quiet and patient with the cat.

Appointments are usually 30 to 60 minutes long. It is very important to keep the cat as calm as possible and shave him or her before they become impatient. Appointment times are approximate, we might be early or late depending on traffic or the length of previous appointments. We serve Toronto and the GTA. For appointments east of Victoria Park or north of Shappard Ave there is a distance fee of $10-$30 depending on location.

Please note, your cat must be relatively docile and cooperative. We are very experienced at handling difficult cats but If s/he cannot be restrained manually for that long, it will be unnecessary stress. If your cat cannot be handled so we cannot complete the shave, I will charge according to how far we got. If the cat cannot be approached (rare occurrence) I will charge $30 to cover expenses. I do not provide sedation.

Lion cut $100

2 cats $85 per cat with no mats (only if we can get to both cats during the same appointment)

Mat Removals: I will assess the extent of your cat's mats and determine the cost before we start.

One or two areas (usually lower back, bum, or sides of body) $60 - $90

Lion cut with mat removal (the mats are isolated and contained within the lion cut area) $100 - 130

Full body mat removal (mats are in large patches, extend behind the ears and around the face or paws) $140 - $170

Nail trim is included!

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