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Routine visit $28 (Across Toronto, TTC-Accessible)

Approximately 30 minutes (additional 15 minutes is $5)
Medication Administration Fee (insulin with or without bg test, SQ Fluids, dermal creams, liquid meds, pills) $5
Nail Trim $10 per cat
Feeding, fresh water, disposal of soiled litter
Recording appetite, litter box use, and temperament of cat for monitoring
Playing and spending time with cat doing what s/he likes, brushing
Alternating lights and bringing in the mail
A daily note or an email to keep you updated

No charge for multiple cats in the same household

No extra charge for visits during holidays or weekends

Introduction meeting is $20, will be credited towards the first cat visit



Flexible Visits

Specifically Timed Visits

Medication through the mouth (pilling, liquid) *3035
Medication on the skin (Ears)* 30 35
Subcutaneous injections (Insulin) *30 35
Subcutaneous fluids *35 40

Blood glucose testing *

If I need to use my own BG monitor





Demonstration of a procedure *---40
  • I will come to your home and teach you the most effective and proper way to administer medication to your cat, so you can do it yourself confidently. Procedures include pilling, liquid medications, subcutaneous fluids, insulin injections, and testing blood glucose levels.

All procedures and medications must have been prescribed by a veterinarian. I do not dispense medications.


During Cat VisitBy Appointment

Nail trim for 1 cat

Nail trim for 2 or 3 cats (same home)

Nail trim for 4 or more cats (same home)





25 plus 10 per extra cat

25 plus 10 per extra cat

Application of nail covers (e.g. "SoftPaws")3040
Mat Removal, shaving60-18060-170

Lion cut for 1 cat

Lion cut for 2 cats (in the same appointment)


75 per cat


85 per cat

Grooming appointments for mat removal and lion cuts can be available around the GTA, please contact me. Distance charge $10-$30


Dogs(case by case basis)

30 minutes - $35 plus medication fee where applicable

While I do not offer daily dog walking services, there are cases where the owner would like to have a qualified professional make sure that their dog gets his or her medications properly. This can be in addition to another person who is the primary care giver (e.g. a relative) or the dog walker. A visit can include medication, feeding, a short walk, and play time.

If your pet requires multiple treatments or a service that is not specified above, please contact me to discuss and see how I can help.


Actual per visit rate may vary according to your pet's needs. For example, if your pet requires multiple pills, it will be $5, but if s/he requires a pill plus a SC injection, it will still be $5 for both.

However if restraint is required, it will be $5 each.

If you have two cats and both require medications, I might charge med fee only once, depending on the situation.